Year Round Blend Sample Pack

Year Round Blend Sample Pack

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Includes 6oz samples of each of the following coffees:

  • Big Iron Blend
  • Cream & Crimson Blend
  • Wake up! Espresso Roast
  • Smokehouse Dark Roast

These are washed whole bean coffees. Ground options available.

Important Notes: We actually have five Year-Round blends. We didn't include our "Jet Fuel Ulta-Dark Roast", only because the sample pack already includes a dark roast option. If you'd like to add a 12oz bag of Jet Fuel (and earn free shipping when combined with this sample pack), you can view it here: Jet Fuel. Additionally, we offer our "Colombian Unleaded" Decaf variety year-round which is not included in this sample pack, but it is available here: Colombian Unleaded.

Descriptions of each coffee contained in this sample pack:

Big Iron Blend (Medium-Dark Roast): Guatemala & Sumatra

Named in honor of the mighty H-60 helicopter, this wonderfully balanced blend is full of rich caramel and milk chocolate notes, citrus-like acidity, and a touch of smoke from our Smokehouse Dark Roast.

Cream & Crimson Blend (Light-Medium Roast): Guatemala & Ethiopia

Named with a nod to the Indiana Hoosiers, this coffee is what we’d consider our floating blend. It’s made up of the same geographical regions, however, each iteration is slightly different from the last. This coffee is delicate yet flavorful, without giving up any complexity.

Wake up! Espresso Roast (Medium-Dark Roast): Guatemala & Ethiopia

This espresso blend is a good balance of a rich cocoa body, dried fruit, and crisp citrus notes. While intended to be an espresso blend, these beans are a wonderfully rich and dynamic drip coffee also. This coffee is a great option as an espresso, batch brew, or pour-over.

Smokehouse Dark Roast (Dark Roast): Sumatra

There’s always room for a well-executed “dark” roast. Ours is full of cocoa, dark cherry, and a hint of smoke. A wonderful coffee with milk and sugar or straight black. Never bitter, and always smooth with a big body. If dark roasts are your jam, you’ll enjoy this one.