In addition to donating a portion of all net proceeds to charitable organizations we are passionate about, we offer a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to create their own charitable coffee label. Whether you are running a large charitable organization or raising funds for a local youth sports team, we offer an easy and efficient way for you to raise money with your own custom coffee label!
Your campaign can be for a fixed period of time, or it can be a continuous campaign with no expiration date. We take care of absolutely every step of the process, and 10-25% of each sale (depending on the price point you choose) goes directly to your fundraising campaign! 

For just a $99 one-time set-up fee, we provide the following:

  • We will work with you to match one of our year-round coffee blends with your organization or cause, giving it a unique name that will best match your campaign.

  • We will create custom labels and photographs for the product for its own listing page in our store. You are also welcome to add additional pictures to your product listing, as desired.

  • We will purchase a custom URL (website address) that you can promote to your supporters, which will link directly to your product page in our online store.

  • We will provide you multiple price points to choose from for both 12oz and 5lb bags of your coffee, depending on the percentage of each sale you want to directly benefit your fundraising campaign.

  • Your product will be custom roasted and direct shipped to your supporters as the orders are received. So, there are no associated inventory costs.

  • We can provide your product for a limited time, or it a can remain listed as an ongoing option, giving your donors the opportunity to establish a coffee subscription that supports your cause on an ongoing, scheduled basis with each automatic order.

  • Either at the end of the charity drive, or on a monthly basis for ongoing fundraising efforts, we will send you a summary of your product sales, as well as a payment, preferably via PayPal or Venmo (or we can process a credit card payment to a charitable donation website), for the portion that is benefiting your campaign.


To get started, please fill out this form, and we will get back to you ASAP:


Once we receive all of your information, we will email you a menu of price points, which outlines the percentage of each option that will directly benefit your cause. Once you have made that selection, we will send a PayPal invoice for the $99 Set-up fee. Then, we will start creating your own charitable coffee shop page, with your custom web address to share with your audience.